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Prints and Mailings for your Success

"We print, but we are not a print shop! We are marketing professionals." This is how we define print. Digital printing, image personalisation, cross media campaign etc. are absolutly usual for us. Intelligent mailing is the key word.

We work with well-trained and experienced print specialists and we don't print to eyeball standard but use the latest most efficient color management. Our philosophy: we don't copy, we individualise. Our focus is your success. Our success ensure that you will be our satisfied customer.

Our Webpage presents our innovative print-, mailing- and fulfillment programme. Get excited about what we, the Traffic GmbH Braunschweig, can do for you.




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Individualised Digital Printing and Transpromo for Increased Success

In print our main focus is your success.
Printplus means even more success for you.

Have you already an impression about what Printplus can do for you? You can get all information you need about the possibilities of how transpromo, image personalization and cross media campaigns can work out for you right here. Would you like to know what transpromo can mean for you?
The answer is just a click away.

Printplus will personalise your entire communication. You only print what you really need. You only print focussed on your customers needs. Communicate with your customer personaly.

Printplus is not only prints made of colour and paper. Printplus gives you the ability to communicate online with your customers as well, including all possibilities of image personalisation, individialised digital printing combined in an efficient cross media campaign.


We support you being successful. That's why we have to be successfull ourselves. We continously invest in the latest trends and technologies. Digital printing, cross media campaigns, cross media marketing, dialogue marketing and image personalisation, to name just a few. Our combination of all those media generates the biggest benefit for you. Our all-inclusive-package, or as we would say, total fulfillment in print, is our passion and we like what we do. Our team in Braunschweig is waiting for you!

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